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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 17, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. >> the u.s. president pointing the finger at russian president for what happened during the elections. thousands of civilians still caught in the middle after evacuations from aleppo sop. we're learning agreements have been reached to allow evacuations. plus, the u.s. braces for more frigid temperatures over the week. we'll have the latest for you. >> welcome to our viewers here in the freezing united states and around the world. we're live in atlanta where it's
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not so cold. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. "newsroom" starts right now. u.s. president barack obama says russian cyber attacks stopped during the u.s. presidential campaign after he saw the russian leader at the g20 summit and told him to cut it out. that's the statement. it came at his final news conference friday. mr. obama says there is no doubt the kremlin was behind last summer's breach of the democratic national committee's e-mail server. he also says he warned mr. putin of serious consequences if the hacking continued. listen. >> batesed on uniform intelligence assessments, the russians were responsible for hacking the dnc. and that as a consequence, it is important for us to review all elements of that and make sure
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that we are preventing that kind of interference through cyber attacks in the future. >> so the russian hacking raises several unanswered questions. >> a couple that we explored, what was moscow trying to gain and what can washington do about it? here's cnn's jim schutto. >> i told russia to stop it. >> president obama, for the first time, publicly blaming russian president vladimir putin for hacking the 2016 u.s. election. >> the intelligence that i've seen gives me great confidence in their assessment that the russians carried out this hack. the hack of the dnc and the hack of john podesta. not much happens in russia without slatd mere putin. >> and the cia and fbi agree as to why. saying in an internal message that, quote, there is strong consensus among us on the scope, nature and intent of russian interference in our presidential
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election. u.s. intelligence in law enforcement assess that moscow had multiple. >> when i saw president putin in china, i felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly. and tell him to cut it out. there were going to be some serious consequences if he didn't. >> still, u.s. officials say that russia's hacking of u.s. political organizations continues unabated. since the election, one attempted breach targeted the clinton campaign, though unsuccessfully. president-elect trump, however, continues to dismiss that russia is responsible, despite the fact that he is being provided the intelligence behind that assessment in his classified
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briefings. and he sought to divert attention back to the revelations gleaned from the e-mails stolen by russia tweeting, are we talking about the same cyber attack where it was revealed that the head of the dnc illegally gave hillary the questions to the debate? i'm told that the cia director aes message comes as many cia staffers are frustrate, even angry to be accused of partisanship in their response to the russian hacking. the gop chairman of the senate intelligence committee also coming to the defense of intelligence staff saying that they leave their politics at the door. jim sciutto, cnn, washington. journalist mary dejeski is a journalist in brit yab and has been a correspondent in moscow. that's a lot of intelligence there. she joins us now from london. thanks so much for talk to us about this. in our reporting, we've just seen there's allegations, finger
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pointing, all of this going on. everyone wants evidence. what's the likelihood we'll have evidence? >> the likelihood that we'll have direct evidence, i think, is really very slight indeed. i've actually been surprised by how willing so many people seem to be to accept directly as absolute gospel truth the fact that russia was not only apparently cyber hacking american election procedures, but there's a sort of conclusion that's drawn from that, which is that russia somehow rigged the american election. and i think those two are quite different things. >> right. it will be floating out there, perhaps, until we learn something and we just don't know if that is going to happen. i want to know what is your take on what we're learned from beco barack obama in his last news conference of the year saying he
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told vladimir putin to cut it out? >> but interestingly, he was talking about his meeting with vladimir putin in september. now, you know, this was two months before the american election. so what effect did that have, if anything? and if you listen closely to what barack obama is saying, he was saying something closely to what the intelligence people also have been saying. but they never quite pin it down. they say according to our sources, according to what we understand, according to the intelligence estimates, etcetera, but nobody has this clenching proof that it really, really was the russians and what they were doing is what they were alleged to be doing. >> right. a vagueness over such a hot topic is very, very difficult. and i'm wondering, what do you think of, you know, u.s. and
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russia relations because of this story that could be hanging out there and if the u.s. were to impose sanctions on something where there's vague evidence, what, if anything, could hurt russia here? >> well, russia is already under b sanctions from the europeans and the americans over ukraine. so additional sanctions, it's quite difficult to see how they would harm russia. unless they were the sanctions that russia, i think, most fears, which is blocking access to the international financial system. frankly, i don't think that an outgoing president with only two months to go is going to impose those sort of sanctions. i think also, you know, if i were sitting in moscow, then i think the kremlin and president putin would think, well, it's actually worth waiting this out because the messages coming from president designate trump are
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really quite different. so it's rather interesting to me that president obama, in his last few weeks, is making these very strong signals against russia and i don't quite understand that given that the incoming president is, it seems, intent on setting a rather different tone. >> mary, we appreciate your comments. thanks for joining us from london. well, president-elect trump has made his choice for u.s. ambassador to israel. he has tapped his close campaign adviser, david freedman for that job. as cnn global affairs correspondent alesse laughit reports freedman's comments about israel are grabbing attention. >> in tapping his long-time friend and bankruptcy lawyer david freedman as his ambassador to israel, donald trump moved to make good on a campaign promise. >> we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight
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between america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> israel's rite wing education minister praised freedman, calling him a, quote, great friend of israel. by appointing hard line freedman as ambassador, trump could be looking to reverse policy towards israel. freedman has no experience in diplomacy. he has questioned the need for a palestinian state, writing that a two-state solution appears, quote, impossible, as long as the poll sinnans are unwilling to renounce violence against israel or recognize israel's right to exist as a jewish state. >> i'm reminded of the line from door think oz, i don't think we're in kansas any more. >> the issue is the statements that have been attributed to him
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that clearly contradict decades of u.s. foreign policy. >> we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people, jerusalem. >> in a statement, freedman says said he looked forward to doing his job, quote, for the u.s. embassy in israel's eternal capital, jerusalem. echoing his promise to jerusalem in october. >> the law provides that the obligation to move the embassy to jerusalem can be waved at the desire of the state department. the reaction from donald trump is going to be, you know what, guys? you're all fired. >> for decades, it's been aurmd the status can only be settled as part of a peace deal. friedman has criticized the left calling them, quote, far worse than cappos. as to respond to those comments,
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freedman said, quote, they're fought jewish and they're not pro-israel. in a statement, the group that supports a two-state solution for israelis and palestinians, says it was, quote, vehemently oppose dollars to freedman's nomination, calling it reckless and putting america's reputation in the region and credibility around the world at risk. the current informer diplomates say by picking freedman as ambassador and promising to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, donald trump is running counter to his professed desire which is making what he called the ultimate deal between slaellys a israelis and palestinians because it raises doubt as to whether the u.s. can continue to be an honest broker amid peace talks. >> aleve labott, thank you. let's now bring in eugene live via skype from washington. as always, a lot to talk about here. starting with david friedman. this would mark a major shift
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from past administrations regarding israel, more specifically with jerusalem. >> very much so. we saw donald trump campaign saying that he would love to negotiate a deal between palestine and israel to reach a peace agreement, but further in this campaign when he was hoping for a more of the conservative jewish vote, he made it very clear that he would help make jerusalem the undivided capital of israel. so this is pretty consistent with that. i think, though, one thing that's worth mentioning is that people who are more familiar with intrnl relations have criticized freedman for having either no diplomatic or policy experience, but pretty much just being a long-term ally of donald trump's. >> i want to talk about the president-elect in orlando, there are. he was on stage in front of his crowd, but i would to play this sound bite where we're hearing donald trump describe the crowd. and we can talk about this here on the other side, eugene.
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>> you people were vicious, violent, screaming. where is the wall? we want the wall. screaming, prison, prison, lock her up. i mean, you are going crazy. i mean, you were nasty and mean and vicious and you wanted to win, right? but now you're mellow and you're cool and you're not nearly as vicious or violent, right? because we won. >> these are not words that have been used to categorize anyone other than the words used by the president-elect using the words vicious, violent, screaming prison, nasty, mean, vicious, but now mellow, eugene. >> it was a surprising admission from the president-elect. we have had repeatedly throughout the campaign his critics and even other republicans characterize some of his followers as that. we've had long video footage and
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first person testimony. cnn's own jeremy diamond just last night had a water bottle thro thrown at him while covering the rally. so for him to acknowledge one of the major concerns his opponents had for him is surprising. whether they actually have mellowed, we haven't seen that yet. will they mellow more the in the future? they will probably follow his lead. >> there are some in the crowd who will harass reporters, as you pointed out, a water bottle thrown at the reporters. but they they are there to support the candidate they chose and many are not violent people. so it's important not to paint the entire crowd with one large brush here. but, again, the president-elect on stage using some very specific words to describe the crowds during the campaign. let's talk more about the trump supporters and people who did not support donald trump. look, supporters say it's time
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to give him a chance. they want to see a person, they elected a person who will make major changes. that is what's happening. donald trump is a disrupter. he's changing the system and that's what people voted for. but more than half the people who voted in this election, people who supported his rival, they are now hoping that electors could stop donald trump, just given the background, if you don't mind, eugene, just kind of explain to our viewers around the world who these electors are and could they, indeed, make a difference here or is this just a rubber stamp? >> this will likely be a rubber stamp. these electors are -- have been choveng to pick the candidate that most in their community have gotten behind and supported. we have some that have been calling themselves faithful electors who seem to want to move in a different direction based on what they've seen so far during this transition. but the likelihood of a significant number doing that enough to cause a change in the
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outcome is so low that there should be no expectation of that. many of them were asking for a briefing from intelligence prior to making their vote this monday, but we just found out yet yesterday that that is not what is going to happen. 5:15 in washington, d.c. with eugene scott who never sleeps. always around to give us analysis here for our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. eugene, thank you. >> thank you. let's take a quick look at some of the people trump wants in his cabinet. they've clued long time trump supporters, senator jeff sessions, steve manuchin and john kelly and james mattis to head hillary clinton and defense. the senate must approve all cabinet appoints. >> that's coming next. >> plus, if you're here in the
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wounded, but we haven't heard any details about civilian casualties. last week, twin blasts left dozens of people dead in istanbul. the pkk claimed those bombings. we're following the crisis in aleppo. one cnn government official tells reuters a broken cease-fire stalled evacuations friday. that source, the breach was never clear. u.s. secretary general ban ki-moon gave his take on the crisis in very bleak terms. >> the karn aemg in syria remains a horror in the global conscious. aleppo is now a synonym for hell. as i told the security council three days ago, we have collectively failed the people of syria.
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>> a synonym for hell. that certainly is a bleak term. our fred pliken has reported from crisis through much of this had conflict. i know you're back in beirut, lebanon, but what are you hearing about this new agreement? >> well, everybody hopes that this new agreement is actually going to be followed through, natalie. what we're get sg from opposition sources who else say that a new agreement has been reached which involves getting people out of aleppo, resuming those evacuation webs but also involves evacuations of two shiite villages in rebel-controlled area that are besieged, as well, where evacuations will start and two further places in other parts of syria. so it's a large and complex deal that has now apparently been hammered out and certainly one that is necessary because yesterday those evacuations were halted for those who needed it and that turned out to be a very dangerous situation. let's have a look. they were supposed to be brought
2:22 am
to safety. instead, they're running for their lives once again. a convoy meant to take these east aleppo residents out of the besieged area under fire. this eyewitness says he was part of the convoy stopped, he claims, by an iranian militia fighting on the side of president bashar al assad. the syrian government has a very different account. it says rebel fighters in the convoy were carrying concealed weapons and that they are to blame for the violence that reportly left a number of people dead. evacuations that had already succeeded in getting thousands out of eastern aleppo grounded to an immediate halt as the blame game began. russia making a puzzling announcement saying it believed the evacuation of east aleppo was complete and that only hard line rebel fighters remained in
2:23 am
the enclave. turkey, which helped negotiate the agreement, shooting down those claims. the red cross and unicef, for their part, say tens of thousands of people, including more than 1,000 children, are still trapped inside the war-torn city. for those that made it out, the anguish was almost too much to bear. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> but for those still trapped inside the tiny rebel enclave in eastern aleppo, the situation is even worse. stuck in the bitter cold with no food and no on medical supplies, left to pray that the violence won't begin again. >> so as you can see, natalie, a tragic situation for the folks there still caught up in eastern aleppo. and that's one of the reasons why the u.n. came out earlier
2:24 am
today and said that those evacuations need to resume immediately, that it shouldn't be part of any sort of deal, any sort of agreement, that there is a humanitarian crisis and that means the civilians need to get out of eastern aleppo as fast as possible because there are still people in there who are sick, there's people who are wounded, there's people who need medical attention as fast as possible, natalie.. >> right. you can't just say everybody out because it's such a complex situation. i really don't know what to say after her story there, fred. these people talking, finally getting to talk. that one man, what, holding two plastic bags of all of his belongings standing there. and i'm just wondering, okay, so russia's allowing them, hopefully, to get out now. where do they go from here? these are people that they lived there. they had homes, belongings, things, businesses. what next? i'm sure that's a question that no one is going to answer yet.
2:25 am
well, you know what? yeah, i think that's a very important point you make and it's really a two-pronged answer that i think can be given to that. both of the answers really are pretty bad and pretty tragic for the people evacuating right now. first of all, you're absolutely right. a lot of the people coming out now, they've lived in aleppo all of their lives. a lot of them haven't even traveled out of their neighborhoods until now. for a lot of them, having so loaf their homes, having to leave their belongings is absolutely bitter. and then the second part of it is of course they g into a very uncertain future. most of them are going to go to i ilib province. that also is under control of the rebels. some of them islamist militias and it's being bombed by the russians and the syrian governme government. so they're going from one besieged area to another area where the living conditions are not going to be substantially better prosecute so for a lot of these folks, it is going to be moving forward into a very, very
2:26 am
uncertain future and a very uncertain area where, no doubt, once the battle for aleppo is over, that's probably going to be one of the areas that the syrian government and the russians are going to focus on and try to win back that, as well, natalie. >> my goodness. fred pleitgen following it for us from beirut, thank you. >> fred really lays it out there, living aleppo and going to idlib. that could be hell number two. switching over to weather, a dangerous blast of arctic area grips much of the u.s. this weekend. karen maginnis is here with the latest. >> natalie and george, i just saw some pictures coming out of indianapolis and across that ohio river valley. they have had to take people off of an interstate ramp and take them out of their cars and off because they can't move because the ice is so dangerous. it is dangerous in so many places. if it isn't the cold, the windchill, the icy conditions,
2:27 am
the snow, just wait. there's more to say. even our own derek van dam. but i want to show you these temperatures. dallas will go from 76 tomorrow, that's way above normal for them, to around 32, 33 degrees on sunday. huge temperature difference. once that front moves through, it is going to be dropping those temperatures like crazy. take a look at atlanta. go from 60s into the 40s into the northeast of new england. very dangerous weather conditions. i want to show you some images coming out of mitchell, south dakota. and they sent kids home early from school because the road conditions were so bad, the visibility was so bad, the windchill factor tonight is expected to be as low as 50 degrees below zero. that isn't degrees fahrenheit, but fahrenheit and celsius meet up at minus 40. so that gives you some idea of just how horrible this is. derek van dam, he never meets an obstacle. he cannot think, oh, i can
2:28 am
conquer that. i can climb that mountain. i can swim across that lake. well, here he is snowboarding. this is the colorado rockies. they have seen so much snowfall there, derek got a little stuck. he wasn't exactly sure how he was going to get out of this pickle. i know he looks very confident in that picture, but at some point, he was walking to find a trail. he eventually did, which is good news, but you don't typically see derek with any specialized fear on his face. i don't want to see he was afraid, but he was concerned because that snow was so deep, he was trying to figure out a way to get out of it, which he did, by the way. here you see where some of that peak is across virginia and west virginia. icy road conditions across the central u.s. it is treacherous everywhere we look. >> even for derek's ski trip, which can he we saw on his facebook. something about our
2:29 am
meteorologists playing in this cold snet instead of covering it. we're going to get on to him. still ahead here on news room, the u.s. president says that he called out the president of rush use for the meddling in u.s. politics weeks before the election. plus, the philippine about the details how many people he killed and the weapon he used when he was mayor of his hometown.
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a warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom." it is always good to have you
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with us. wherever you are. >> i'm natalie allen. here are our top stories. 13 soldiers were killed in an explosion. a bus carrying an off duty soldiers was hit by an apparent car bomb near a university campus. 48 more are wounded, but those numbers don't include possible civilian casualties. a rebel group in aleppo says it's reached a new evacuation unit with russian and iranian rebel forces. the agreement in ra roycers report evacuation process stopped in aleppo on friday. donald trump's choice for u.s. am abuse door is already incorporate visual. a top palestinian official warns it would destroy prospects for peace. israel and the palestinians both
2:34 am
claim jerusalem as their capi l capital. the current president of the united states leaving very little doubt about who he holds responsible for cyber attacks. the man you see right there, barack obama says he told vladimir putin to, quote, cut it out when the two men met at the g20 summit. the hacks stopped then, but the damage had had had already been done with hacked e-mails posted on wikileaks. security experts say russian effort to gather information they are still ongoing and they're urging other countries to shore up their cyber defenses before it's too late as cnn's brian todd reports for us. >> moscow says the hacking allegations against russia are groundless. vladimir putin's spokesman challenging america to prove them. but u.s. officials tell cnn the russian hacks continue around the clock, phishing attempts,
2:35 am
targeting private e-mail accounts with hillary clinton's campaign as recently as december 6th. >> it's a continuing effort to collect intelligence. >> adam myers is affiliated with crowd strike which investigated hacks to the democratic party. >> when it comes to espionage and offense, they are fantastic. they are close to the best in the world, probably right after our own here until the united states. >> crowd strike discovered a russian hacking team called cozy bear first penetrated the dnc in the summer of 2015. crowd strike says that team, also known as the dukes or ap29 for advanced persistent threat is tied to russian intelligence. in march of this year, crowd strike says another russian hacking team, fancy bear, began tarlthing the democratic party. fancy bear is believed to be
2:36 am
commanded by the cru, russia's military agency. >> what are the tools they use? >> what these tools allow them to do is to access to computer, to download finals, to execute commands, to even take pictures of what's on the screen. >> this is apparently the bogus e-mail that opened pandora's box at the e-mail campaign. quote, someone has your password. it says to click on this link to reset the password. >> once they go to that link, it will take them to what looks like a google log in and they'll be asked for their user name and their password. when they provide that user name and password, it will forward it to google, but the attacker now has a copy of their user name and password. >> are these disheveled hackers who happen to be wearing military uniform? >> i think there's people in military uniforms, there's
2:37 am
people that are probably more business focused and there will be a cadre that is a little more informal and casual. >> a key question now, who are the next targets of the fancy bear and cozy bear hacking teams? crowd strike says nato should have its guard up. any company that has major business deals going in russia and they say political lead ners france and germany should have their cyber defenses ready. those are countries having political elections next year, countries where russia cares a lot with the outcome of those elections. brian todd, cnn, washington. scary stuff there. and we have this scary stuff here. the philippine president is defending his controversial war on drugs. >> on friday, the president rodrigo duterte implied that he won't stop until he's done and he says how many people he killed and why he makes no apologies for doing so. >> i did kill.
2:38 am
i was only three months -- >> philippine president rod reeg your due tear take making no apologies, elaborating on his claim that he shot and killed suspected criminals. >> i grabbed my m-16, american made, mind you, to kill criminals. >> you can and no danger. >> no danger any more. >> yes, because we have no addict. >> no drug addicts. >> no drug addicts. >> as mayor, the earned the nickname "the punisher." >> do you recall how many people you killed? are you certain that all of them
2:39 am
were guilty? >> i count one, two, three. i tell you now that i kill. do not term them suspects because all of them died while they were fighting government people. >> as president, he's taken his drug war nationwide. in six months, nearly 6,000 people have died. >> in the name of human rights, it's bad. but in terms of for the safety of the people, it's good. >> in a nation fed up with crime and corruption, duterte's approval rating is still almost 80%, though it's down from 90% in july. voices of opposition are growing louder. >> these are mass murders. mass murders certainly fall under the category of high crimes and high crimes is a ground for impeachment under a
2:40 am
constitution. >> duterte's most prominent critic senator leila de lima is fighting back accusinging lima of tie toes illegal drugs. some say he has used his drug war to weed out political adversaries, a claim he denies. >> i kill to protect people. i am not a dictator killing for my political opponents to stay in power. >> just this week, a newspaper quoted duterte warning corrupt politicians to resign or face death. judging by the president's own words, it may not be an emergency threat. will ripley, cnn, the philippines. >> the president of the philippines admitting that he has killed people. >> it is surreal. coming up here, venezuelans caught up in yet another economic crisis. they're stuck with bank notes that are now worthless. enjoy your phone!
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don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. welcome back to news room. venezuela's cash problems just keep getting worse. that country's president announcing the 100 bolivar note would be discontinued. >> happy holidays, right? but protests broke out after the currency set to replace it didn't arrive at many banks. rafael rom ahaas more. >> it's an extraordinary sight. long lines of desperate venezuela y'allans trying to get rid of their 100 bolivar bills. the bolivar is the venezuelan currency. some people carry in travel bags sfufd with packs of bills. >> this is chaos, this man said. if you go to banks, you'll see
2:45 am
people bringing in bills in cardboard box toes exchange them because they're worthless. they're doing it because last sunday the venezuelan president ordered the 100 bolivar bill discontinued. state run media said it would be replaced with coins of the same value, but the government has yet to distribute them. now consumers are stuck. banks no longer accept the bills, but atms are still dispensing them because the replacements have not arrived. this woman says many businesses also no longer accept the 100 bolibar bill so consumers like her have to use their credit cards to make purchases. it's just one more blow to the venezuelan economy which has been puttering over the last few years. inflation is expected to rise an estimated 470% this year. according to the international monetary fund. next year, the imf says, it may rise to more than 1600%.
2:46 am
the venezuelan currency lost 55% of its value just in november. venezuelan authorities had announced they would roll out 500 bolibar bills this week at the highest official exchange rate, 500 bolibar bills. >> all you can buy with the bolibar bill is a piece of bread and you will still be short by 50 bolivars. the government has failed so far to find a solution. >> translator: this accumulated inflation is very, very aggressive and reflect tess monetary policy failure and steps taken to reduce inflation by both the chavez government and also the current president, madera. >> the government says it will make available bills of much higher denominations up to 20,000 bolivars somebody. in the meantime, people are left
2:47 am
without answers and wondering if their cash is now worthless. rafael romo, cnn. now to south korea, supporters of the south korean president are now in the streets rallying to keep park geun-hye in power. as you know, others have been rallying, demanding her ouster. south korea's government voted to impeach her so her powers are suspended for now. ms. park is accused of sharing government information with a long time friend and other abuses of power. but right there, some people wanting her to stay. >> and that decision now in the hands of the constitutional court there in south korea. so in germany, one woman is on a mission. she is walking through streets in berlin, neighborhoods looking to destroy any signs of swastikas she sees. >> cnn's atika schubert has
2:48 am
more. >> this 70-year-old is armed with a scraper, nail polish remover. then she sees it. a nazi swastika. she calls herself a political cleaner of neo-nazi graffiti. she spends up to 70 ours painting over swastikas with hearts. >> translator: i could look at that swastika and say oh, that's awful and walk by, she says, but no one would dare to do anything. well, with i don't want to wait for someone else to do something about it, she says. at home, schram shows us her catalog of work. it started 30 years ago when she saw a flyer supporting convicted nazi war criminal rudolph hess. disgusted, she took her house keys and scrubbed it off.
2:49 am
i just scrubbed the hate away until it was all gone. the mind pollution was gone. it has become a personal mission that has taken her across germany and six other countries. she says she has cleaned more than 130,000 neo-nazi symbols and racist graffiti and the amount she sees on the street is increasing, she says, especially against refugees. people tell me i am intolerant, that i don't respect the far right's freedom of speech. but i say freedom of speech has limits. it ends where hatred and contempt begins. police have warned that her work is too provocative and that she could face thousands of dollars in fines for defacing public property. on the day we tagged along, a berlin cleaning crew was simply
2:50 am
annoyed. i like what you're doing, says this cleaner, but not the way you're doing it. schram dismiss hads the cleaners with a laugh as she does most of her critics. just as she's about to calling it a day, she spots a big one across the streets. she whips out her can of red spray paint and gets to work. this graffiti war is a never ending battle. but schram seems happy to continue the fight one heart at a time. cnn, berlin. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. ...without writing a single word. wrote you a love note... introducing a new way... create a gift from the heart... ...that could only come from ...the new pandora boutique at jared. a world of pandora... ...including exclusive pieces designed just for jared...
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so we're live in atlanta and when you're live, things don't always go as planned. perhaps you can share an example of that. >> okay, sure. you next, though. just last week, my voice was crat cratering, right? i was getting over a cold. one of our colleagues brought out some hot water right before one of the start of the segments. i tried to put the water down here right before the show and i burned my hand. >> oh, dear. >> it happens. >> i've gone live standing in fire ants before. that was fun. imagine that. >> that had to hurt. >> yeah, a little bit. >> so from a scooter wipeout to a crumbling ceiling, this has
2:55 am
been a rocky week for a few live tv hosts. >> his burned hand. >> here is jeebny moos with that story. >> it was what you might call a rough stretch. for those who make a living on live tv, on kttv's "good day l.a.," they had come to the grand finale of their hot holiday gift segment. >> we are ready! >> ready for disaster as anchor lisa breckenridge positioned herself on a $1,000 electric scooter. >> and we are out of here. >> oh! >> look out! >> oh, dear. i'm good. >> studio road kill is the disco version of "silent night" played on. to make sure she was okay, lisa went to the hospital. but the anchor who crashed isn't the only one attracting
2:56 am
eyeballs. lisa posted a photo of herself alongside a paramedic. website tmz wrote all's well that ends with a hot firefighter, right? and the firefighter instagramed, they called me hot, lol. meanwhile, some canadian sports casters found themselves in hot water. >> i was a backup englander and saying -- there goes a piece of the roof on live television -- >> are you all right? >> on live television, the studio just fell apart. >> a close call, but no injuries. lisa described her injuries as just swollen and bruised and slight head injury. she just missed slamming into a tv, then hit the barriers and knocked over a second tv. the owner of route 66, the store that loaned out the scooter, told cnn, it has awesome brakes. if only she had used them. he also said if you google lisa
2:57 am
breckenridge, she falls down a lot. we did and she does. but the thing about lisa, she gets back up and back on. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> we keep on showing it. thanks for watching. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell. data-free. ive tve join directv today starting at $35/month. no extra monthly fees. ♪ ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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♪ the russians were responsible for hacking the dnc. not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russia -- we do stuff to you. >> public shaming does not work with president vladimir putin.


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